Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trend Art Tattoo In The Part Of The Female Body

Tren Seni Tato (Tattoo Design) evidently at this time not only in the domination by the men then. The woman with all of his elegance evidently also wanted to give the touch of Tato art in his body part. Whether since when and what provided a basis for many women at this time want to had tato. However that could we knew was to have various reason sorts why the woman in the world or even in Indonesia at this time enjoyed art tato (tattoo Design). Tren mode art tato was liked by the woman because of considering to give the unique and artistic touch in the body part that ditato. There were also those who wanted to immortalise a torque by one tato disalah his one body part. Moreover there also is one that is justified for the fun of it or just tried the new experience with the needle tato. However in broad outline could not be ignored that art tato in Indonesia experienced the very fast progress, everything was at this time supported by the number of Indonesian artists that pinned tato to his body.

Mentioned the artist like Queen Felisha, Nafa Urbach, Julia Perez or even the senior artist Paramitha Rusady and Tamara Geraldine also had tato in one of his body parts. Usually the kind tato that was liked by the woman was tato with the picture of the flower or the pretty animal. However not rare also the woman that chose design tato that ought to be worn by the man. The body part that was chosen to in tato usually in the back part, the waist or the hands, but had several women who gave the touch of art design tato in the sensitive part his body. The kind tato that was permanent also became the choice for the woman who really wanted one of his body parts adorned tato. All that depended on the identity and courage of the women personally in placed tato to the body that was desired by him.

For the production service tato at this time often has been met by us dikota-city. Moreover for the lovers tato that did not have sufficient money, then the service design tato also could be encountered by us to the night market that often was gotten in cities. To in Surabaya personally, the production service tato that was dirt cheap was in the Bungkul Garden that at this time indeed became the heart of the Surabaya city. However that became an attention point was about the cleanliness and the security from design tato that personally because of being believed in affected skin the needle design tato to really was easy teriritasi. That not to mention if the needle tato that was worn not sterile from dust and the prospective illness. Much consideration that must be thought about by us before when we wanted to decide to give the touch tato to the body. Found out the cleanliness and the credibility of the place design tato was a wise step if we did not want to have the side-effect from tato that was pinned by us.

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