Monday, June 29, 2009

Body Art Tatto

Tattoos are art Tatto but for most people, tattoos rate is negative. But, the effect of this presumably more terkikis. Evidence, the latter are many young entrepreneurs, students, and even the mother-housewife who loves her body ditatto. Why? View at a glance from the outside, the building is located next to the swimming pool in the park Teen Surabaya Jalan Kusuma Bangsa that looks deserted. In front of the building have placard reads: Yanche salon. In the place of that, later visited the more people who want to metropolis ditatto body. And, tatto made it permanent in the salon. "We want to develop this as a tatto art, such as body painting. If it be possible for sangar first-sangaran, that seems serem. Now it is no longer like that," said Herman, boss Yanche Salon, the Jawa Pos, yesterday. "And, we do not make home-derived tatto. We dare to guarantee safety. This is like, very rare in Singapore," said the single 40 this year. When the Jawa Pos, accidental Herman are back ditatto by Yusepthia Soewardy, one of fruit. Visible, with full back Herman tatto dragon image is in fight. "All this made tatto Kent (call Yusepthia Soewardy, Red). It took five more minutes to draw a tatto all this," said Herman.
Added, already five years old he is working with the Kent to open a salon specifically to handle tatto. "A year later, who come here more and more. It is 1000 pictures that we make. Most who come are students, young entrepreneurs and young mothers," he said. "We really only want to serve those above age 18 years," he said, flushed.
Jawa Pos in the salon, the chance to meet with the Ny Hartuti, one of three young mothers who are ditatto. Ny Hartuti requested ditatto in the right ankle with the ball three images (such as a series of three-ball). Mother of three children who live in an elite housing in Kenjeran confess that already since one year ago like tatto. However, my first tatto temporary (easily removed) and berglitter (flicker-flickering). Every once a week I change the image-change. Now, as heard in the salon permanent tatto this, I immediately interested, "said a woman aged 35 years. Tatto like Why?" To look sexy, "said the mother of this blond sepundak. Hartuti told, three times a week he was always diligent to fitness. "coincidence, I have a friend in the fitness geng is the same tatto like," he said. Nggak fear called wanton woman? "If I was depending on his heart. Many women who do not bertatto, but they are unprincipled, "he said. What a picture trends tatto that many are now women or mothers metropolis?" The feminine images. For example, butterfly, flowers, dolphins and beautiful woman, "he said. Hartuti Herman justify this explanation. When asked the average price, he mentions the number of hundreds of thousands of rupiah." If the tatto as I can to Rp 10 million, "he said . What about security? Herman guarantee, a process in place tatto have medical standards. "Here, one needle for one person. Tatto equipment to any standard German, as well tintanya. Before the needle is used, first soaked in a solution of alcohol, "said this long-haired blond man. For those who ditatto, go Herman, oles are also given drugs that function to eliminate the bacteria or germs. At this time, Herman said, to have the type of ink tatto The new entry to Indonesia, which has exacerbated many peminatnya. tatto Name the type of ink that is glow in the dark (shining in the dark). "With this ink, if the body is under the ditatto rays that contain phosphorus, akan tattonya visible. But, if ordinary ray, invisible, "said the male speaker of Surabaya.

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