Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoos are always sexy to an extent. Right above the bottom and between the hips is the perfect place for a sexy tattoo. All tattoo designs are not made equal, though, and choosing a tattoo design can take just as long as it would if you were getting a tattoo anywhere else.

Sometimes girls like cute tattoos, and some girls like sexy tattoos. There are so many designs out there, cute or sexy, that you will definitely find one that's just for you. Also a lower back tattoo does not have to be in the middle, it can be anywhere on your lower back. In the middle, slightly to the left or right, or closer to your hips. It's your choice where you want to get your new sexy tattoo designs.
Here are some sexy lower back tattoo designs for you girls that want to be more on the wild side:

� A tiger in the middle of your lower back or to the left or right is a real turn on for a lot of men. It makes you look like a sexy wild thing with such a powerful and sleek animal tattooed onto your body.

� In the same line, a dragon is a very sleek and power animal that can make you look like a power sex goddess. No dull girl would ever get a tattoo of a dragon tattooed onto her back!

� If you want to go for a more symmetrical design that starts from the middle of your back, tribal or henna designs are a sure bet to turn heads. They give you a very exotic look and the mystery of them is very sexy.
� Japanese or Chinese writing designs look really sexy no matter where they're tattooed, and having some tattooed onto your lower back really gives the best effect possible from a tattoo like that. The word "beautiful" in Chinese does look beautiful, and so does almost anything else.
As with any tattoo, be aware of the location. A lower back tattoo is easily visible if you bend over to do pretty much anything and if that's going to be a problem, then you might want to think about getting a tattoo somewhere else. But most girls who look into lower back tattoos know exactly what they're getting into!

One of the best party outfit accessories can be a sexy lower back tattoo on a girl.

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