Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Malang Tattoo Community

Many people at the time of assessing the person wearing the tattoo is a criminal and drug user, but the modern era like now is a regular tattoo. Tattoos certainly hears the name of imagination digiring directly with the images that are in some parts of the body. Some agencies also all decorated with ink paintings ditusuk a needle or a temporary. In fact, now the color according to taste. If pesanannya rose tattoo, the black and red combination. But if the dragon image is selected, then the dominant color green.

In the city of Malang, it is not difficult to find the tattoo studio. Because there are some who became central Plaza of making tattoos. Just a Malang Plaza, Plaza Gajahmada, Ramayana, and Matos. If reluctant to go to shopping malls because of many visitors, the home is also a lot of tattoos in the city of Malang.

Especially in the area of Sukun, Dinoyo, and Landungsari. Concerning the quality, the taste and depend on the assessment. A clear, tattoo artists in the Plaza and the village joined in the majority of MTC. Typically, workers run the tattoo art of this business to open a special booth body piercing or piercing art. "Initially I only departure from the hobby ago to open the home-business," said Gatot Listiono, one of the members of the MTC has a booth labeled Indie tattoo Tattoo in Gajahmada Plasa this since 2000.

Because the only hobby, Gatot no formal study to know the specifics tattoo. All knowledge gained in self-taught tattoo. Either from reading magazines, direct view of making tattoo, and the Internet. "I wrestle with a long tattoo in Bali and Yogyakarta," he said.

For Gatot, menekuni tattoo art not only on skills menorehkan ink. But more than that. Especially in the case of sanitation equipment tattoo. For permanent tattoos, needles should be used once. So also with the ink that once sedot. Including, gloves and cotton-use. "The key is higienitas. Not just clean but sterile," explained male native Malang this.

Moreover, in order to maintain the quality and consumer health, Gatot and other tattoo artists in the city of Malang, real big fish capital. For ink, for example. Can not use any ink. In fact, the ink is always used Gatot products imported from the United States and Australia reached the price of hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Once a message via the internet plus postage and ink can the price of Rp 200 thousand - Rp 500 thousand per 10 cc. Needle being used is the type of needle Akupuntur. "For all completely sterile, including the use of ink that once tuang, the rate of making permanent tattoos can be five times of temporary tattoo that is only Rp 10 thousand per image," he said.

Dany Prahastanto, MTC decipher the communication, this community is officially a new form 2005-2006 then. Terbentuknya community than mewadahi young people at a time penggila tattoo facilitate communication and coordination of tattoo artists. "Before the MTC form, many workers moved tattoo art itself," said Dany, found in the stan Bad Boy Tattoo, also in Gajahmada Plaza.

With this community, workers feel more tattoo art has a brother. Moreover, the scorpion tattoo image in the community still awry, and even tends to negative. However, the image is still only sangar still growing. In fact, tattoos have been done by many people in Latin America INKA since past. "Since the emergence of tattoos in one of them made their own bookmarks for the former prisoners kakap classes that can be easily identified and the public security officers," said Dany.

However, the development of the modern era who was able to erase the negative impression. Some people from rural to urban areas began to familiarize themselves with the tattoo on the body. In fact, now is not to show the directions sangar, but as a form of art. "Previously we had a worry that can not be accepted tattoo community Malang. But, in fact they do not menyoal," explained.

Meeby, white girl who happens to be in one of the tattoo studio tattoo menimpali that not only dominated by men only. Also many women choose tattoos as a form of art attraction. "Initially the many, including my parents. But because I finally understand the hobby," said the girl has four tattoos on her body is.

From the community this is, go Dany, MTC members can share together. From simply chat up the latest trends in tattoos tambal mutual needs. "Normally if there are running out of ink what other contacts. This is because the ink can not order a day or two," he said.

Unfortunately, this community is not semulus program early. In fact, not long after the direct form of the vacuum cleaner because the tattoo workers busy with their own affairs. New this year geliat MTC started to show. Precisely, since Dany appointed monitoring team tattoo artists in Malang. "I was joined with one of the NGOs concerned with HIV / AIDS in the Netherlands markasnya. Task I monitor my friends working in the MTC. Because of this during the spread of HIV / AIDS from the syringe enough," beber men carpenters so nyambi parking it.

Unfortunately, quite difficult to detect people with HIV / AIDS if the views of community workers as well as the art of tattoo. Because of fact, users average tattoo not only penyuka tattoo. But there is a nge-like drug users and even drugs.

"If you meet such difficult. It is important now how we keep this profession really clean. Both of the equipment and how to work," urainya. In fact, to exchange information, he often communicates with the tattoo artist who hobbies. Of them, Slank, Andi / Rif, Tora Sudiro, and this Peterpan.

Dany much hope this community can grow lush in the city of Malang. Because the principle is not seseram tattoo community members. From the picture it looks hideous, but the association's affairs and the behavior of this group remains the solidarity and decency. "Sangar may show, but the behavior does not. Hati we remain soft," respond, M. Awie, MTC is also the head of Bad Boy Tattoo owner.


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